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Are you searching for the perfect name for your baby? If so, you've just arrived at the best baby names directory on the web! Currently the site has thousands of baby boys names and girls names, including information on name origin and meaning.

The subject of babies names often proves to be a sticking point for many expectant parents and this site is designed to help you decide on names for your newborn baby. The site concentrates on Scottish Boy Names,Scottish Girl Names, Irish Boy Names, Irish Girl Names and Gaelic Boys baby Names and Gaelic Girls baby names along with the meanings of each of the different names whether it is a boys name or a girls name. The site is fully searchable and if you are undecided on what ethnic origin you can search alphabetically. That's why our comprehensive database lets you discover unique and unusual baby names from around the world, and also learn more about your own name or when it was particularly popular.

Some parents opt for popular baby names, while others prefer to pick a unique or unusual baby name. The site also has quite a few unusual name pages if you are looking for more exotic names or old fashioned baby names such as Hawaiian baby names, Hebrew or Arabic baby girl and boy names.Examples of these are: Hawaiian (Hawaii) Girls names, Hebrew Girls Names and Greek (Greece) Girls names and a new section, which only has girl names at the moment, Telugu girl names.

Alternatively you may be looking for popular baby names from various countries. Examples you will find are those such as the most popular baby names in the United States or the most popular male and female baby names from the United Kingdom (Great Britain) you can also find lists of baby names on the website.

The site also has a sitemap but this isn't really recommended for effective searching for baby names.

Other information on the site includes some baby names that you really should avoid. Not, as you would expect embarassing names but some names are actually illegal in certain countries across the globe. Some you may find funny, some sad, some disturbing (that a parent would actually think it was a good name) but all of them are illegal. You can also consult our links page for other great sites

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