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Greek Girl female Baby Names

This is a collection of Greek girl female baby names from Greece along with their meanings. Greek names often have thoughtful meanings which make them a great choice when it comes to naming your baby and of course include a number of great historical figures.

Greece has a long and distinguished heritage and many of the boy baby names listed here or the greek boy names listed on a seperate page reflects this. Many of the Greek girl baby names originate in either mythology or are of great historical importance. Names such as Aphrodite, Cassandra and Medusa are all well known for different reasons. Here you will find their meaning or a little bit of historical fact surrounding the names.

Hopefully you will find this and the following pages on Greek baby girl names a comprehensive resource for information and advice when choosing Greek female Baby Names. Unique, unusual or popular, whatever you choose you will not go far wrong with these Greek Baby Names.

  Greek girls name which means (meaning) life  
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