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Hawaiian Girl Baby Names
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Hawaiian Girl Baby Names

Hawaiian girl names are often thought of as being exotic and "fancy" due to the picturesque and vibrant culture and landscape surrounding the area. This is a collection of female baby names from Hawaii along with their meanings, with most of the names reflecting the tropical paradise image. Hawaii is often thought of as an exotic paradise and the girl names on this page reflect that and the Hawaiian boys names, listed on a seperate page, being equally as exotic. Hawaii is also known as Hawaiian/Hawaiian English: Hawai‘i, with the ‘okina; also, historically, the Sandwich Islands and is the archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

  Hawaiian girls name which means moonbeam  
  Hawaiian girls name which means (meaning) heavenly rose  
  Hawaiian girls name which means (meaning) rain from heaven  
  Hawaiian girls name which means (meaning) heavenly inspiration  
  Hawaiian girls name which means (meaning) beautiful water  
  Hawaiian girls name which means (meaning) heavenly adornment  
  Hawaiian girls name which means (meaning) loyal or faithful  
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