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Ireland Boy Baby Names

Below you will find a list of baby boy names from Ireland along with Gaelic Irish male names and a list of the most popular Irish names (Ireland) on this page. Irish names are often regarded as unusual, unique, and even exotic. However, the seemingly difficult to pronounce male Irish names often put parents to be, off these names. This shouldn't be the case and a suggested pronounciation is given for each of the names which appear unusual.

In terms of this page, it concentrates on Irish baby Boy names and their meanings. I have made NO distinction between Northern and Southern Irish names. Of course they are mainly first names but their are some Ireland family or Irish surnames also.

One slight oddity about Irish boys names is that sometimes they will combine two (perfectly good) names into one. John-paul, etc. This is often for religious (Irish Roman Catholic) reasons.

If you are on this page looking for the history of an Irish name from your heritage then as a general guideline (please note the emphasis is on the GENERAL) males in Ireland are named under the convention/tradition of:

  1. Oldest son named after the Fatherís father
  2. 2nd son named after the Motherís father
  3. 3rd son named after the Father
  4. 4th son named after the Fatherís oldest brother

  Irish boys name meaning dark or black haired  
  (duv) Irish boys name which again means black and is more common as a surname. It has been anglicised as Duff  
  (doo-gan) Irish boys name meaning little dark lad.  
  (doo-ann) Irish boys name meaning dark haired  
  (doo-daw-le-he) Irish boys name meaning literally dark man of the two sides  
  Irish boys name meaning dark. Of Scottish origin  
  Irish boys name whose meaning appears to come from black, dark, sense or wisdom  
  Irish boys name meaning of the horse or a horseman  
  Irish boys name meaning fiery, forceful or strong of spirit  
  Irish boys name which is thought to be the Irish form of Edmund which means rich protection  
  (ay-ver)Irish boys name based in Celtic mythology.  
  (air-neen) Irish boys name but can also be used as a girls name. Thought to originate from the word iarn meaning iron  
  Irish boys name which was more common as a surname, but believed to have been first used as a first name in honour of the Irish patriot Robert Emmet.  
  Irish boys name which is also common in Scotland with Gaelic roots which is a form of John.  
  Irish boys name meaning swift or ready  
  (far-k-war) Irish boys name although common in Scotland and England also.  
  Irish boys name which is much more common as a surname  
  Irish boys name which is an anglicized form of Fearadhach which means manly  
  (far-dur-eka) Irish boys name meaning the dark man  
  (far-gan-am) Irish boys name which if literally translated means man with no name  
  Irish boys name which originates in Irish fable/legend  
  Irish boys name meaning man of strength  
  Irish boys name meaning fair haired/ topped. In folk legend, Finbarr is the leader of the fairy host.  
  Irish boys name which literally translated means wine birth. A popular name in early Irish history for warriors and kings alike.  
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