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Ireland Girl Baby Names

Below you will find a list of baby girl names from Ireland along with Gaelic Irish female names and a list of the most popular Irish names (Ireland) on this page. Irish names are often regarded as unusual, unique, and even exotic. However, the seemingly difficult to pronounce female Irish girl names often put parents to be, off these names. This shouldn't be the case and a suggested pronounciation is given for each of the names which appear unusual.

One slight oddity about Irish (mainly Roman Catholic Irish) is that they often use two names hyphenated and refer to it, or believe it to be one name. e.g. Mary-margaret, Marie-clair etc.

If you are on this page looking for the history of an Irish girl name from your heritage then as a general guideline (please note the emphasis is on the GENERAL) females in Ireland are named under the convention/tradition of:

  1. Oldest daughter named after the Mother’s mother
  2. 2nd daughter named after the Father’s mother
  3. 3rd daughter named after the Mother
  4. 4th daughter named after the Mother’s oldest sister

In terms of this page, it concentrates on Irish baby Boy names and their meanings. I have made NO distinction between Northern and Southern Irish names. Of course they are mainly first names but their are some Ireland family or Irish surnames also.

The island of Ireland is 300 miles / 450 km long and 190 miles / 300 km wide and covers approximately 32,600 sq. miles / 84,500 sq. km. Ireland is divided into four provinces:

  • Ulster
  • Munster
  • Leinster
  • Connaugh

Within these 4 provinces are 32 counties. The Republic of Ireland (also known as Eire)consists of 26 counties and Northern Ireland (sometimes referred to as Ulster- ruled by the British) consists of 6 counties.
  Irish girls name meaning Golden lady  
  Irish girls name meaning from the great river  
  Girls name used in Ireland, meaning Stranger and being of Gaelic origin  
  (bawn-e) Irish girls name menaing whiteness or paleness  
  (ban-va) Irish girls name which si the name of an early Irish goddess  
  Irish girls name meaning Little top  
  (bar-uv) Irish girls name meaning dark headed or dark haired.  
  Bean Mhumhan  
  (ban-vune) Irish girls name meaning lady of Munster. Rarely used nowadays  
  Irish girls name meaning life  
  Irish girls name meaning Singer  
  Pronounced be-veen, this Irish name originates in Norse and is comprised of a combination of bean ”woman, lady” and finn ”fair, white”  
  Irish girls name which is surpriisngly a French import and originates in the name of the Saint  
  Irish girls name meaning white lady or fair lady. can also be spelled Beibhinn or Bebinn  
  Irish girls name which is normally regarded as a shortened or pet name of Bridgid.  
  Irish girls name meaning Strong  
  Irish girls name meaning Strength  
  Irish girls name meaning Strength  
  Pronounced blaw - nid, this Irish girls name means means “flower, blossom and is a variant of Blathnaid  
  Irish girls name meaning flower, blossom  
  Pronounced blaw - nid, this Irish girls name means means “flower, blossom.  
  (blin-neh) Irish girls name which has it sorigins in Moninne the name of a sixth century saint.  
  Girls name used in Ireland, meaning White and being of Unknown origin  
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