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Scottish Girl Baby Names

This is a collection of pages which shows individual baby names sorted into country names and then sorted into strict alphabetical order. You can search for baby names from countries such as Scotland, Ireland and Gaelic names from this page. This page concentrates on Scottish baby Girls names and their meanings. Of course they are mainly first names but there are some Scotland family or Scottish surnames also. Consider also Scottish Girl Gaelic names which are very traditional names of old

This page looks at a wide variety of names from the popular to the less well known. This page list the Scottish Girls names alphabetically but there are many other ways to use the site. You can You can use the menu to the left to select what country you wish and whether it is boys or girls names you require. You can also use the site to search for different names using a wide variety of search terms by using the search page.

  Scottish girls name thought to derive from the Latin form of a Greek name which mean't "chaste"  
  Gaelic form of Africa  
  The light of the sun. The Irish form of Helen.  
  After a rocky inlet known as Ailsa Craig  
  A meadow or clearing. Also a unisex name.  
  Scottish girls name which is the female version of Alan  
  Scottish girls name which is the female version of Albert  
  A Scottish girls name taken from the boys name Alexander meaning helper.  
  A Scottish girls name with a longhistory of derivations and origins. Original meaning is thought to be "noble"  
  Scottish girls name from the latin meaning loveable  
  Scottish girls name from the French meaning "loved"  
  Scottish girls name which is a derivative of the boys name Andrew  
  Scottish girls name taken from "angel" and implying an angelic quality.  
  Scottish girls name which is also spelled with the addition of an E - Anne. Derived from the Hebrew name Hannah which means favour, grace.  
  Scottish Girls name which originates in the Gaelic Anabla mean't to imply beautiful Anna  
  Scottish girls name which is derived from the boys name Antony (also Anthony)  
  Scottish girls name which seemed to appear "out of nowhere" in the early 20th Century.  
  Scottish girls name meaning noble and strong  
  Scottish girls name, similar to Avril but with the meaning with its roots in an English Saint with boar and battle as part of its meaning  
  Scottish girls name with roots in the French for April  
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