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Scotland or Scottish Boy Baby Names

A small snippet of

Scottish Boy names

Name Category Meaning
Abernethy Scottish Boy names Mouth of the River Nethy
Abhainn Scottish Boy names River
Acair Scottish Boy names Anchor
Adair Scottish Boy names From the oak tree ford

This is a collection of pages which shows individual baby names sorted into country names and then sorted into strict alphabetical order. You can search for baby names from countries such as Scotland, Ireland and Gaelic names from this page. This page concentrates on Scottish baby Boys names and their meanings. Of course they are mainly first names or Christian names as they are known in some countries, but their are some Scotland family or Scottish surnames also.

The history of Scotland also includes many different races known as the Scots, Celts and gaels. Some of the Scottish names are derived from these ancient races and you can find more of these names on the Gaelic Boys names page. In addition, you can use the menu to the left to select what country you wish and whether it is boys or girls names you require. You can also use the site to search for different names using a wide variety of search terms by using the search page.

  Scottish name more commonly used as a surname. However, can be used as a first name.  
  Scottish name more commonly used as a surname. A Cairn is a heap of stones used to mark an achievemnet, landmark or sometimes a grave.  
  Scottish form of a Latin name (Colm) menaing dove  
  A crooked nose. From an old Scottish surname  
  A crooked mouth. The name of one of the great Scottish highland clans  
  A Scottish boys name which derives from Celtic meaning a battle mighty.  
  Rarely used Scottish boys name, coming from a character in Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe.  
  son of the lord  
  Scottish boys name coming from the Germanic equivalent of Andrew meaning manly or a man  
  A follower of Christ, a Christian. A boy or girl's name  
  Scottish boys name meaning the one who carries Christ  
  A Scottish boys name which is also a popular surname in Scotland. Original meaning was clergyman or scholar  
  A resting-place, or meadow  
  A rarely used Scottish boys name which is in fact a River which flows through Glasgow. Has unfortnate connotations due to its use by slave plantation owners  
  A Scottish boys name with its roots thought to be in the Gaelic "whelp" meaning youth  
  A rarely used Scottish boys name with its roots in an obscure Roman clan name  
  A Scottish boys name linked to Greek origins meaning ordered system.  
  A Scottish boys name derived from Crag or cliff  
  A Scottish boys name which is also a Lanarkshire place name. Originally thought to mean a ford where crows gather  
  A Scottish boys name which is more common as a surname  
  A Scottish boys name, very popular in the Lothian Region  
  A Scottish boys name now much more common in the neighbouring England. Derives from a Greek word for Lord  
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